2004 Ford F150 Upgrades

April 2nd, 2010 by admin

Ford F150

Making the decision to modify your vehicle can sometimes seem like a daunting, expensive task but it truly doesn’t have to be. I decided to take a 2004 Ford F150 5.4L 4WD Crew Cab and turn it into something that would be a comfortable daily driver and still be able to tackle the craziest of desert trails.

Pro Comp Lift Kit

To accomplish this I started by installing a Pro Comp 6″ stage 2 lift kit. I chose the stage two over the stage one for the upgraded front coilovers rather than running the large spacer. This allows for more wheel travel, which is pivotal for improved high speed off-road driving.

Pro Comp Xtreme All Terrain Tires

Along with the lift went a set of 35×12.50r17 Pro Comp Xtreme All Terrain tires mounted on Pro Comp 7105 17×9 alloy wheels. These tires give an aggressive off-road look without any high speed drone associated with other more aggressive mud tires. They are big tires and did require me to remove my factory fender flares.

aFe Stage II Intake

Since the larger tires put added strain on the motor, I did several motor upgrades to help increase the power. To start, I installed an aFe stage two air intake with the dry flow filter. It was an easy install that resulted in a huge power gain.

JET Mass Air Flow Sensor

While I was in there I went ahead and installed a JET mass air flow sensor and a BBK throttle body. The increased airflow really woke up that 5.4L V8.

Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust

Since I had the increased airflow going into the motor it only made sense to get the air out more efficiently. To do this I went with a Magnaflow 3″ cat-back exhaust. I chose them for their stainless steel pipes and straight-through design muffler. This allows for efficient airflow without sacrificing back pressure and gives it a good mellow tone that won’t wake the neighbors.

For night driving I went with three 9″ Pro Comp HID driving lights installed on my Pro Comp light bar. This made for an easy install and a pretty good off-road look. Overall I am pretty happy with how the truck is going.

My future plans include Camburg upper control arms (they have a 1″ uniball in their control arms, which is a nice upgrade if you need to replace the ball joints) and Glassworks front fenders and bed sides.

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6 Responses to “2004 Ford F150 Upgrades”

  1. The title is wrong….should be LIFE OF A BALL’A…..Congrats man

  2. Nice truck Leon,I also went the Pre-Runner look with my truck

  3. Nice job!…to bad your truck wasn’t built like this when we got lost in the hills in Havasu.

  4. Yes this is a little bit of an impovement from stock!

  5. Damn hooking it up! I like it

  6. Leon- I would like to speak with you regarding you future Long Beach Grand Prix visits!

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