2006 Ford F-150 SuperCrew 5.4L S/B 2WD (Project Red Dragon)

April 9th, 2010 by admin

Ford F150

My name is Chuck and in 2006 I decided to buy my first truck ever. I have always been an import and speed junkie, so trucks were something I never saw myself owning or working on. Nevertheless, I became a proud owner of a Ford F-150.

Now, just to let you know, I have never owned a vehicle that I left in its stock condition and this truck wasn’t going to be the exception. I have made a couple useful upgrades to make this truck faster, stylish, and fuel efficient. One of the very first things I noticed about this truck was the lack of low end horsepower, meaning the acceleration off the line needed some major help. What I decided to upgrade first on my truck was the intake system.

Ford F150

I did my research on a couple of different intakes, and aFe was the only company that is true to what they claim, so I decided to give them a shot. An intake system not only helps build up horsepower, but it also helps out the fuel economy, which is a plus. Just make sure you are not flooring the truck at every stoplight. Believe me; once you add this unit, you are tempted to do it every time. The intake that I decided to go with is the aFe Stage 2 Air Intake Si part# 54-80512.

The first thing I must mention to you is that I am no pro installer or a mechanic at all. I really don’t own a lot of tools – just the basics. I usually paid to have my parts installed on all my previous cars, but this time I decided that I would install all the upgrades to this truck no matter how hard it would be. aFe really made this system easy to install. There was no need for special tools; regular hand tools will get the job done. The instructions in the box were easy to follow and very detailed with pictures.

This being my very first intake that I had to install, I was very surprised about how easy it all came along so there’s no reason to be afraid to try this on your own. Installation time on this unit was about 30-45mins, but it took me around an hour and that’s because this was all new to me. The kit looks really good under the hood. The fact that the intake system is all enclosed is a plus in my eyes because it keeps a clean look.

Once I was done, of course, I needed to take this beast out for a test run. The first thing I noticed was a big difference in the low end and torque from stock. Like I mentioned earlier, the power gain was just amazing and I was on the pedal every light I came to. I was very happy with this unit and would highly recommend it to anyone with a truck, especially if you tow a boat or any kind of load. I hope this blog about my upgrade helps you out. I will be adding more soon. =)


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  1. Have a Jeep Cherokee Lareado, finding after market parts is a nightmare.
    Can you help me out?

  2. Sure Daniel i can help you. Please give me a call 800-337-9005 Ext: 5144

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