2008 Ford F-350 4×4 Diesel Upgrades

July 8th, 2010 by admin

2008 Ford F-350 4x4 Diesel

My truck is a 2008 Ford F-350 4×4 Diesel. I chose this truck because it has a great track record and there are many modification options available. My truck is like my loyal companion. I drive it to work, I use it to tow when I camp and I need it for my general hauling needs.

I chose to go with a function over form approach. I want it to look good but quality and function is at the top of my priority list.

Pro Comp Double XX 8" Suspension System

Because I camp a lot, desert and mountains are where I go, I needed my truck to be off-road capable. I started with a Pro Comp Double XX 8” Suspension System. Very rugged construction, great ride, and it looks very cool.

Pro Comp X-Treme Mud Terrain Tires & KMC XD Series Addict Wheels

The tires that I chose are Pro Comp 37/12.50R-20 X-Treme Mud Terrain Tires. This tire has a very aggressive tread, but it is surprisingly quiet compared to other aggressive tires. This tire also is constructed with a load range “E” rated capacity. It is after all a 1-ton truck.

I chose 20”x9” KMC XD Series Addict Wheels. This is a style solution. These wheels are satin black. They have a real rugged utilitarian look. Black wheels are really in.

AMP Research Power Steps

Because I get in and out of my truck a lot, and I have kids, I added AMP Power Steps. They retract up when the door is closed. I don’t like the look of the steps, but entry and exit is cake for me and my kids.

Pace Edwards Bed Locker Roll Up Tonneau Cover

To protect my bed and secure cargo I added a Pace Edwards Bed Locker Roll Up Tonneau Cover. This is electric and remote activated. Low profile look, durable and really convenient.

Fab Fours Rear Bumper

For my front bumper and rear bumper I chose Fab Fours. They really have all the features I wanted. Heavy guage material, D-Rings for vehicle recovery, winch capable and I really liked the fit and style.

Light Force 240mm HID Lights

I mounted a Warn 16.5K Winch in the front. This is the Big Bad Boy Winch! I had been stuck before, hooked up with my trailer. That wasn’t fun. On top of the front bumper I went with four Light Force 240mm HID Lights. Absolutely great lights for rural night driving.

R4Tech Air Over Spring Suspension System

Recently I added an R4Tech Air over Spring Suspension System for the rear. This has never made maintaining my loaded ride height easier.

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4 Responses to “2008 Ford F-350 4×4 Diesel Upgrades”

  1. Dave R. – Your truck looks great. Good job on the upgrades. Have you given any thought to “chipping” the truck with one of the performance chips out on the market? I too have a F350 4×4 Diesel and am curious to whether a chip helps noticeably – both performance and fuel economy. Any insight to getting “chipped”?

  2. I had another diesel truck with an Edge Juice with Attitude. It was worth the money, especially with towing. I did see real gains in HP and little savings in economy mode. I also liked the other features a lot. Being able to see EGT, Intake temp, ETC was a real convenience. I am waiting to get the new version coming from Edge for the 6.4L in their CS or CST. Much better monitor and some of their latest updates. There are several brands that work very well, each have small unique features. I like Edge because of how the monitor fits the cab and it has a turbo cool off feature that protects the turbo from shutting off hot. Engine keeps running until it drops below a certain EGT.

  3. my dad has an F 350 “chipped” and he is contantly brining up how much it saves him. Also how much faster off the line. We toe a 30 foot Kachina PowerBoat and it toes great!


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