A Second Round of Upgrades on My 2009 Dodge Ram 1500

March 23rd, 2010 by admin

Last time I showed you guys how I increased the power on my 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 2WD 5.7 Hemi Crew Cab Big Horn Edition. This time I decided to tackle an even larger project:

1. The next upgrade on my list was a big one: a Lowering kit from Ground Force Suspensions. This was a front 2″, rear 3″ drop with front and rear coil springs, bumpstops, and shocks. I did this install in my driveway, which is about a 6 hour job. It was very clear in the instructions and I had no issues understanding what to unbolt, install, or cut. The kit rides great and has the factory ride quality, allowing me to take bumps and potholes without slowing down.

Lowering Kit from Ground Force Suspensions

2. I had my local Redondo Beach store align my truck and mount and balance some 24 inch Lexani wheels and tires. They fit PERFECTLY and looked amazing.

24" Lexani Wheels & Tires

3. My last two installs were a Gaylords fiberglass tonneau cover and window tint. The Gaylords lid took about 3 weeks to make and featured their Speedsturr Winglid, carpet, EZ connect system, and was painted to match my truck. I did install this at home and it took less than an hour with no cutting or drilling. The window tint was also done at the Redondo Beach location and looks great; I do not have any bubbles or streaks.

Gaylords Fiberglass Tonneau Cover

All together these mods have made my truck look great, go fast, and save money. What more could a guy ask for?

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8 Responses to “A Second Round of Upgrades on My 2009 Dodge Ram 1500”

  1. Hey! You still have your Jeep?

  2. No, I needed to get a daily driver that could tow for my new prerunner.

  3. Nice drop! Love the wheels!

  4. Thanks, came out really clean and I LOVE the ride… for a lowered truck on 24’s smooth as silk.

  5. Just checked the link for your lowering kit – there’s no option to select a 2010 Ram, but to my knowledge a 2009 is pretty much identical isn’t it? So the 2009 kit should fit? Also once I selected the 2009 kit, there’s a bullet that says “Crew Cab- Front w/2 in. Drop And Rear w/4 in. Drop”. Does that mean it’ll only fit crew cabs? I have a 2010 Quad Cab 1500 Laramie, would love to have it looking like yours or DocFluty’s on the dodgeforum.com site, he’s got a McGaughy’s 2″/4″ drop kit on his.

  6. Oh and DocFluty said it affected his ride quality a LOT, whereas you say this kit doesn’t…yours is a few hundred more than his but if the ride quality isn’t affected, that’s well worth it to me.

  7. The kit for the Quad and crew are the same, This kit is only a 3″ rear drop so you still have travel, also Ground Force has taken the time to valve the shocks perfect and dial in their progressive bump stops, If you local come down and I’ll take ya out for a ride!

    People are SHOCKED when they ride in a lowered truck on 24’s and feel the ride is better than their stock truck with leaf springs!

  8. Hey James, I have the same upgrades as you besides the drop kit and the rims, the groundforce kit is on its was and soon the 24’s will be soon but im having a hard time figuring out the proper offest that would cause any or little rub in the front, could you help me out and fill me in on what offset your 24’s have??? Thanks! Sharp truck!!!

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