Adding a Pro Comp Leveling Kit to Level Marcos’ Tacoma

July 23rd, 2010 by admin

Pro Comp Leveling Kit Front Strut Spacer

Hi, this Marcos again here to tell you about another adventure. This time I am going to discuss my choice in picking a 1-1/2 inch front Strut Spacer kit.

The Pro Comp leveling kit was ideal for me because of my selection in tires. I put beefy aftermarket tires on my truck that were rubbing on the inner corner fender wells at full left and right turns (and when reversing too). But because I have aftermarket wheels with different backspacing (which did not help), it was time to fix the problem.

Sitting on level ground made it an eyesore. And even with the knobby tire, I wasn’t giving my truck any justice. I wanted to give my 2wd truck a 4×4 aggressive look. Leveling was the key here.
This product goes on sale from time to time, so keep an eye out on I have seen it go as low as $219.99. If you are lucky, you can get 10% or 20% off at times and free shipping!

With the assistance of a buddy (and a 12 pack of beer) we immediately got to work taking the front tires off and unthreading the shock struts (but we did not remove the bolt yet). My buddy has all kinds of tools, so we used an impact strut compressor. This made installation faster.

Note: Unbolting the lower ball joint made installation easier. This step made lowering the a-arms a snap and it relieved the stress on the coils.

We made sure all nuts and bolts were at torque specs after we put it all together. Last on the list was a trip to an alignment shop; if not, the tires would wear unevenly. The end result is eye candy. It is level and does not rub one bit. The ride did not stiffen, plus the factory struts are compatible and/or did not need to be exchanged for longer or shorter ones.

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