Axle Gear Upgrade for 2007 – 2010 Jeep Wrangler

May 24th, 2010 by admin

We have just run into a 2007 JK Jeep oddity. When looking to do a gear upgrade on your Jeep, be aware that not all 2007 JKs have Dana 44 rear axles. There are a few that have Next Generation Dana 35s with 4:10 gears from Chrysler. They are easy to spot because the axle cover has a different shape than a Dana 44.

Currently there are no gears, axle shafts, or lockers available for this Jeep. Since they are in such limited supply in the United States, it is doubtful any manufacturer will spend any time or money to make upgrades for them.

G2 Aluminum Differential Cover Dana 35

I am including pictures to help you identify your axle so it will be easy to find upgrades. The Dana 35 shape is on the left, and the Dana 44 is on the right.

G2 Aluminum Differential Cover Dana 44

This is probably the best upgrade you can make to your Jeep. I had been running 35” Xtreme Mud Terrains with the factory 4:10 gears (Rubicon model) and my power and gas mileage suffered. I tried a programmer, intake, and exhaust to help get back to 18/20 miles per gallon. My power increased, but mileage dropped to 15 miles per gallon. Taking off power seemed OK, but at freeway speeds my automatic would downshift with any incline and it was tough to pass slower traffic with ease.

The fix for this is to run lower gears to get your Jeep back into its power band (around 2300/2400 RPM at 65 MPH in overdrive). My upgrade was to swap out the gears to run 4:88s. You won’t believe the difference in power and economy. I am back to 18/20 MPG on the freeway now and passing power is right back where it should be. This is not something you should try on your own, unless you have experience with differential repairs.

You can contact our retail stores to have the upgrade done for you.

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12 Responses to “Axle Gear Upgrade for 2007 – 2010 Jeep Wrangler”

  1. What about for a 95 Jeep Rio Grande Wrangler?

  2. Thank you for a fantastic site. Found it on Yahoo. Over the past 30 years I have had a lot of fun in my Jeep. There’s nothing like a day offroad. I spent a bit of time having a look around and will be back again soon.

  3. Great info! I have a 2010 jk sport with a dana 44 in the rear, stock gearing, embarrassed to even say what the ratio is! I would like to run 35s eventually (everything is completly stock as of now). Could you tell me exactly what I would need to run 4:88s. I have seen two different overhaul type kits along with new ring and pinon. What do I need?!

  4. Hi Michelle,
    If you have a Dana 44 rear, you can have a Dana 30
    or a Dana 44 front. Rubicons are all Dana 44. When you
    do a gear swap its important to know the original ration
    due to you may need to change out the carrier or differential case, to be able to bolt on the new gears
    You must buy gears and a master overhaul kit. The M/Kit
    will have new Timken Brgs, new shim kit, pinion seal, gasket for cover, and new gear bolts. You need nothing more, other than a possible new case.
    Write me back with what you have, stick or automatic, tire size wanted, (35 will need a lift kit) Rubicon or not, etc. I will write you back with more detailed information
    5:13 are perfect for 35’s

  5. Thanks Jay. My JK is automatic and the current ratio is 3:73. It has a Trac-lock limited slip in the rear. I plan on throwing on the rubicon express 2inch budget boost lift. I had an 04 TJ a few years back with a 4 inch suspension lift and it was just never the same. The budget boost is simple and just enuf lift for me without tweaking the suspension. I’d like to run 35s.

  6. Hi again Michelle,
    I have a Rubicon with an automatic transmission, Dana 44 front and rear with 4:10 gears. It is a pig. I am upgrading to 5:13 gears to be able to pull my 35″ tires. I get poor gas milige and every little hill makes the transmission downshift.
    I will run a page here as I do the gear and axle upgrade for mine, soon. I drove another Jeep we had the 5:13’s and 35 tires, and it felt much stronger. It’s less strain on the whole drive train.
    One thing you still have not told me, but I am guessing you have an X or Sahara model.
    I can quote with all the part numbers and prices if you like. Do you have a good installer near you, or can I help you get set up at one of our 4 Wheel Parts Performance Centers.
    Engine programers, upgraded exhaust kits, headers, and intake systems, will not help gearing issues. Your best spent money, will be the gear upgrade.

  7. I have the X model. I would really appreciate a list of parts and prices. I plan on getting everything installled at a 4wheel parts store nearby. I am not quite ready to do so, but will in the near future. Just trying to do some research first. Will definitly be going through 4wheel parts tho. My next venture is to pick out tires and wheels and I will re-gear all at the same time of installation. I believe the closest one to me is Riverside (so cal). 5:13s sound like my best bet.

  8. P.S. Any advice on what size rims?

  9. Michelle, I live in Riverside…Whoopee huh !!! The I.E. the 909
    Do you have a fax number I can send a quote to. I will get you wholesale prices on the gears, and get you set up to have them installed, too if you like.
    You can contact me here, or call me at 800-741-3956 ext 1-5422. I will do all I can to help out a fellow Jeeper ! !
    I am running 17 X 9″ Pro Comp wheels, and 35×12.50R17 Pro comp Extreme Mud Tires. I love them, and I got 52,000 miles on my first set of tires ! !
    Our New G2 Gears have a 10 year no questions warranty, along with our upgraded axle shafts.I should be doing my gear swap the end of this month. I will update the blog with my results
    Hope to hear from you soon………

  10. I don’t have a fax number. Can you email it to me?!

  11. Hi Jay,
    I know this way too well ….it happened to me at 4 wheel parts. I have found a Dana 44 rear for $500.00 and will have a shop install it next week end. I was so disappointed when I found out I had a Dana 35 and could not upgrade. I believe Jeep (Chrysler) should let us know when we buy the Jeep this is what it has ….how many people ever ask I know I thought it had a Dana 44 ….Next time more home work !
    Mike Sr

  12. Jay,
    I too am new to jeeping and am in the exact situation as Michelle above. When Jeep came out with the 4 door I HAD to have it! I have the 2010 Unlimited Xsport. Can I go to the 5:13 gears? I am running 33’s on 17×9 XD wheels but want to go to a 35. I need more power, pulling and traveling. When I hit the accelerator to go, it seems to just crawl. What would doing this(parts) cost me? I’m eager to get it going but know know what I’m looking at for cost..thank you for any help.

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