Greg’s Differential Decision

November 3rd, 2010 by admin

True Trac Differential Here’s a quick recap on the Ranger situation. I tore up the rear Ford 8.8″ housing and decided to replace it with another 8.8″ I found, but this time I’m using 31 spline axles and installing 4.56 gears with a True-Trac. I realized the damaged housing was beyond repair and the Currie 9″ was a bit out of my budget (for now).

Genuine Gear makes great ring and pinions, and the Detroit True-Trac limited slip can’t be beat. I opted to go for that instead of a locker or spool to keep it drivable on the street, but still bulletproof in the dirt. I also beefed up the transmission with a shift kit and some billet shafts…why not, right? So I took it out for a hell ride and wasn’t disappointed!


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