Greg’s Differential Dilemma

October 27th, 2010 by admin

ford housing

A while ago I took the Ranger out to the desert and held it wide open for a punishing 300 miles. It did really well and, despite a few close calls, drove under its own power back onto the trailer. Anytime I go out and don’t break the truck (or myself) I consider that a success.

Well, apparently success has its price. While inspecting the truck (something I highly recommend before and after every outing), I found the rear backing plate was completely torn off the axle housing, taking the brake line and parking brake cable with it. The before-and-after pictures speak for themselves. Oh well.

differential dilemmaAnytime I break something, I use it as a reason/excuse to upgrade. My ultimate goal is to replace the 8.8″ with a huge Currie gusseted 9″, but my practical side (the one directly linked to my wallet) tells me to fix the 8.8″. I will look into my options and keep you posted.

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2 Responses to “Greg’s Differential Dilemma”

  1. I had the same dilemma with my Ranger. It was sort of a domino affect. I went from the stock 29 inch tires to 33’s. The 8.8 28 spline rear axle had a 3.73 gear ratio, the cost of just re-gearing was going to be around a grand. So I thought about getting an explorer 8.8 but finding one with the ratio I needed and not having the facilities or skill to do the work on my own made that cost prohibitive. I finally decided on a Ford 8.8 axle out of a 2003 Ford Ranger that was specific to the Fx4 Level II package. It had the 4.10 ratio I was looking for and the 31 spline shafts as well as a Torsen LS. Sure this wasn’t the best possible option, but it fit my needs, it was bolt on, and when looking at the overall cost it was the cheapest. I don’t remember the code on the dif tag, but the door code is R7 it was available from 2002 to 2007, but avoid the 2002 as the Torsen’s that year have been known to crack.

  2. Very true, lots of good information there! The 8.8 started coming with 31 splines in the 95 and up Explorers and eventually made their way into Rangers around 1998. None of the factory limited slips are very good, and these days you can get the gears, master installation kit, and Eaton Detroit TrueTrac for roughly $700. Figure install is $300 or so. $1000 gets you a whole new setup!

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