Dodge Ram Upgrades: Air Bags and Antenna

April 6th, 2010 by admin

Continuing on the upgrades I’ve made to my ’09 Dodge, I decided to tackle the A’s: Air Bags & Antennas.

Air Bags

After lowering the truck I decided to add Firestone helper bags to help when I put stuff in the bed of my truck. The install is a do-it-yourself project and takes about 4-5 hours. You have to jack the truck up and unbolt the shocks, sway bar, and track bar. This will allow the axle to fall and the coil springs to drop out. You can then slide the new bags in and re-bolt the rear end together. Finally, you route the airlines and finish with the valve to fill air from any pump.


I wanted to add style to my truck but didn’t want to blow a lot of money. For this I decided to add an AMI black 10″ stubbie radio antenna. For less than $20 bucks you can ditch your fishing rod style antenna and screw on style.

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