G2 Axle Ring and Pinion Gears Upgrades

July 18th, 2011 by admin

g2 axle ring and pinion gearsAfter installing the BD Diesel transmission, I figured it was time to change out the ring and pinion gears. When I removed the old ones, I realized just how well timed this upgrade was. There were chips and cracks throughout both front and rear sets. The spider gears weren’t in much better shape, and the factory limited slip fell out in pieces.  My ninja mechanic (who does these installs every day) saw the carnage and shook his head, saying he pitied my truck and doubted the longevity of anything not labeled “Greg-Proof.”

I opted for the 4.56 ratio gears to alleviate some of the stress on the drivetrain and bring my RPMs closer to stock. The easiest way to determine what ratio to choose is to first calculate the percentage of change you are currently experiencing. For example, my stock tires were 33″ tall. I am currently running 38.5″ tires. The difference between the two is 5.5″.  5.5 divided by 33 is roughly 17%, so that’s how much the RPMs are decreased when running the bigger tires. This is our percentage of change. My factory gear ratio was 3.73. I needed to increase the RPMs by 17% and the closest ratio was 4.56. I chose the G2 Axle gears because of their high quality and unbeatable warranty.

Whenever you change out a ring and pinion, it’s the perfect time to add a differential. I chose the Detroit Truetracs because they are made from the highest quality materials on earth and feature all-metal construction. No more clutches to wear out and no special stinky oily additives – just perfect, linear traction. To finish things off, I chose the Mag-Hytec differential covers. They’re not the cheapest, but they are definitely the best.

So now everything is installed and I’m forced to endure the boring break-in period, where under no circumstances can I give it full throttle, go on long trips, get sideways, tow heavy loads, race, go off road, spin the tires, or pretty much do anything normal. I’m stuck doing 55 down the road, banging my head against the steering wheel the whole way. 500 miles never seemed so long.

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3 Responses to “G2 Axle Ring and Pinion Gears Upgrades”

  1. that’s a lovely truck your driving , very nice .

  2. Man I feel your pain!! I’M Married, and my wife gives me heat just for washing my truck!!

  3. Thanks! It’s a work in progress. On a good day I can talk my girl into washing the truck with me (if not for me)!

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