Ground Force Lowering Kit

April 29th, 2010 by admin

Ground Force Lowering Kit

Since everyone here has a lifted truck, I decided to lower mine. I’m going for a sports truck look more than an off-road look. This truck will never be used to go off-roading at all; it’s just not my thing to be honest with you.

While visiting our Truck & Jeep Fest show here in California I saw an F-150 just like mine that was built by Ground Force. I honestly fell in love with how this truck looked. The lowering kit was perfect. After talking to the rep at the booth I found out it was a 2/5 drop (meaning 2″ front 5″ rear) and decided this was the kit for my truck. The Ground Force Lowering Kit consists of front coils, rear shocks, bump stops, shackles, and a rear flip kit. You reuse your factory front shocks, which is a cool idea because you don’t lose your factory ride as much.

I wasn’t able to install this kit myself since I only own hand tools and I would need air tools and a car lift to get this job done. I was there for the install though. The front end went on easy. It was just a matter of removing the front strut, putting it on a strut compress, and switching out the coils. As for the rear, there were a couple of things that I would have a hard time with if I was doing it in my driveway. You’ll need to drop the gas tank to install the flip kit, which is a lot easier when you have a car lift so that you can add a stand underneath the tank. Once the flip kit is on it’s just a matter of adding the new bump stops, shocks, and shackles.

The kit doesn’t ride stiff at all. I was very surprised about the ride quality this kit has. The kit took about 5 1/2 hours to install. Now it’s time to look for some rims and tires.

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