Video: How to Install a Dynomax Exhaust on a Ford F-150

August 12th, 2010 by admin

Finally some vroom vroom!

OK, so I finally put an exhaust system on my truck. It took me a while to find one but I am glad that I did all my research first. As many of you know, I have pretty much all the bolt-on upgrades for my truck. The main concern that I had was that now I have a lot of exhaust fumes that need to exit the truck ASAP.

What I ended up going with is the DynoMax cat-back exhaust kit part #19387. This exhaust is a 3″ aluminized single side exit with a 4″ stainless tip. Because I live in California, there really wasn’t any point in spending the extra money on a stainless steel kit. If you live in a state that gets snow or live right near the beach, I would really recommend a stainless steel kit. From what I read about DynoMax, they are focused on performance and sound, which is what I was looking for. I really wasn’t looking for something loud where people can hear me coming down the road or where I couldn’t hear myself think inside the cab. I have other toys for that, so I decided to give DynoMax a shot.

This exhaust system covers all models of this truck including crew, standard, and extended cabs plus short or long beds. There is only one part number for all the different options this truck offered. The exhaust kit went on in about an hour. Hand tools work just fine for the installation, though I do recommend you have a bottle of WD40 to help loosen up your factory bolts. Removing your factory exhaust should not give you any problems at all. To make it even easier on yourself, make sure you remove the exhaust hanger mounts. This truck has 3 of them; two are located on the frame and one is located on a crossbar located underneath your bed. The reason you want to remove these is because the whole exhaust will come off and you don’t have to struggle with slipping the hangers off the bracket, since they are a pain in the you-know-what. Trust me on this one.

As I mentioned earlier, this kit fits all models of this truck and the way they made that happen is that they included a really large exhaust pipe that you will have to cut depending on what cab and bed size you have. No need to panic – DynoMax actually lets you know how much you have to cut off in their instructions. All you have to do is match up your truck model to their specs. Since I have a crew cab short bed, I only had to cut 27 inches off, which is nothing a little saw can’t take care of.

Once the factory exhaust came off, installation on this kit was cake. Everything bolts right where it needs to go. Make sure you slide on the exhaust hangers before you mount them to the truck. Like I said, this will save you time on the install. You can thank me later for the tip. Make sure everything lines up, fits properly, and is not loose anywhere. I used Loctite on all the bolts as well to make sure the bolts don’t go anywhere.

Once I finished, it was time to see how much gain I got out of it. This kit did not disappoint at all. The sound is amazing and not too loud. It has a really nice low tone and gets a little bit louder when you step on it. As far as performance goes, it helps in the take off right away. This truck picks up and goes. Inside the cab you can barely hear it. I had to put my rear window down just to make sure it was still on! I would highly recommend this kit to anyone looking into an exhaust system.

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  1. Hi, Thanks alot for the amazing post. You’ve helped me a lot.

  2. Thanks a lot! Your video answered some questions i had. now i know i can do it without any problems. thanks for taking the time.

    (2008 Mark LT)

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