Ryan Installs King Shocks & a Front Suspension System on His F-150

September 28th, 2010 by admin

The Fat City pre-runner got Deaver leaf springs and King Shocks triple by-pass shocks in the rear a while ago. We decided it was time to help the front keep up with the rear when off-road.

Because of time restrictions, I wanted to use as many bolt-on parts as I could find. I went with the H&M A-arm front suspension. They make all of their parts from chromoly plating, which is a lot stronger than regular mild steel. The last thing I need is to be stuck in the middle of Mexico with broken parts.

The A-arms are 4” wider on each side to get more suspension travel. The kit comes with longer chromoly tie rods and heim joints. I also used the chromoly front Sway-A-Way axles with 930 CVs.

The frame rail with the factory upper control arm mounts cut off and ground smooth, ready for new mounts.

I cut off all the upper A-arm brackets and cleaned the frame to make room for the new mounts. Once I had the new mounts welded on, I could bolt both upper and lower A-arms on with the spindles and mock up the shocks.

I went with King Shocks for the same reason I did on the rear suspension – because they’re the leader in off-road shocks. I installed a 10” long 2.5 in. coilover and a matching triple by-pass shocks on both sides. The large diameter of the shocks allows for more oil to help them stay cool in the rough and the bypass tubes help us dial in the valving. I mocked up both sides so that I could build shock hoops to mount the top of the shocks.

king shocks instllation

I bent a couple of custom shock hoops up using 1 ¾” tubing and some ¼” plate steel. For added strength, I connected the two shock hoops together with a crossover tube using tube connectors so that I can remove it in case any engine work is ever needed.

The new suspension worked like a champ. I could fly through the rough stuff, land soft when in the air, and still go through the tight spots as slowly as I needed.

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