Greg Installs a BD Diesel Transmission

December 10th, 2010 by admin

Everybody knows tBD Diesel Performance Transmission hat big tires and heaps of horsepower are hard on your transmission, which is why I wasn’t the least bit surprised when my factory torque converter finally disintegrated. I wasn’t even surprised at how suddenly it happened. I was cruising down the freeway when I noticed the truck starting to decelerate, but the RPMs were rising steadily. I recalled the tranny momentarily slipping once or twice earlier in the week…guess that’s about as much warning as you get. I ended up limping safely to the shoulder and had it towed to my ninja mechanic. Looking back, the only surprise was how long it lasted before self-destructing.

On the bright side, I finally had an excuse to slap in a BD Diesel Transmission and Billet Torque Converter. It took a few weeks to be built and delivered, but the BD product is beautiful! It came in an indestructible container, which is also used to ship back the old core. The installation only took four hours and now it shifts awesomely! The new transmission is very smooth but with a much more positively engaged feeling. I haven’t smashed on it too hard yet because I am about to install some 4.56 gears, bearings, and Detroit Truetracs. Stay tuned.

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