Your Jeep vs. a KOH Competitor

January 26th, 2015 by Rachel Sheelam

King of the Hammers is less than a week away and we found ourselves wondering: just what does it take to build a rock conquering KOH race vehicle? What separates an elite ULTRA4 race car from an Everyman Challenge Stock Jeep and a weekend warrior?

Does your Jeep stack up to the challenge?


If you’re looking to get maximum performance out of your own Jeep, nearing that of a KOH Stock Competitor, here are a few Jeep accessories to help get you there.

  • Atlas 4-speed transfer case
  • Front and rear G2 Rock Jock Dana 60 35-spline axles with a 5.13 gearing ratio and ARB air lockers
  • A Smittybilt SRC roll cage and tubular door PAK
  • 5” Rock Krawler Rock Runner suspension with remote reservoir coilover shocks.
  • Hutchinson D.O.T beadlock wheels – the only street legal full beadlock on the market
  • GenRight rocker guards with tubular sidebar
  • A WARN 9.0Rc rock crawling winch
  • Mastercraft safety standard PRO 4 seats
  • RIPP Superchargers 3.8L supercharger kit
  • An Insane Jeep Audio in-dash navigation and multimedia entertainment system, complete with pre-loaded trail maps

Rachel Bowes is a wordsmith on the 4 Wheel Parts writing team – see more of her work on her Google+ page.

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About the Author: Rachel Sheelam

The 4x4 and off-road lifestyle was all new to me when I first joined this team, but in the year since then I have developed a true passion for the automotive industry. I've learned more than I knew there was to know about trucks, Jeeps and SUVs - from suspension articulation physics to which types of tires are the best for wallowing in the mud. Whether it's the latest in automotive technology or the best 4x4's in film, I'm always on the lookout for the next big learning curve or news to share. You can keep up with me on my adventure into 4-wheeled life on Google Plus:

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