Get the Perfect Oil Change with a K&N Performance Filter and Royal Purple Oil

September 2nd, 2010 by admin

K&N Filter

If you are like me, sometimes you forget to change your oil every 3,000 miles, so I make sure I use the best product to ensure my engine is protected when I do go beyond 3,000 miles. I use Royal Purple synthetic oil with the K&N Performance Gold Oil Filter.

I have been using Royal Purple in my F-150 for the last three years. I choose Royal Purple for the superior protection. What I gain besides the protection is a noticeably smoother idle, added performance with quicker throttle response, and a fuel mileage increase. I have to drive the 405 freeway every day in stop-and-go traffic the whole time. I need the extra protection and fuel mileage increase any way I can. I use Royal Purple in my F150, 1965 Cadillac, and in my Accord. I know I get the best engine protection with Royal Purple.

Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

To complete the oil change, I use the K&N Performance Gold Oil Filter. I use the K&N filter for the ease of installation, superior high flow filtering, and anti-drain valve. Most newer vehicles make it extremely complicated to remove the oil filter with the typical strap-style oil filter wrench. The K&N oil filter solves this issue with a built-in 1 inch nut attached to the filter. The 1-inch nut makes removal easy. K&N is known for its superior filtering, so I know I’m getting the best oil filter. The anti-drain valve ensures that when I start my truck it will be protected, and the filter is compatible with synthetic oil.

Royal Purple oil with the K&N oil filter is a perfect combination for an oil change. It is great for both the people who like to work on their own vehicles and for a 4 Wheel Parts mechanic. It guarantees that you are putting the best possible product in your vehicle. I like to work on my own vehicle, not only for the cost savings but also because it gives me time to look under my vehicle to catch anything else that might need attention. I have over 140 thousand miles on my truck. A lot of those miles are in stop-and-go traffic and I trust Royal Purple and K&N to keep my engine running like new.

I also have the best helper out there in my driveway: my dog. Don’t forget to recycle your used oil.

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  1. hey. my name is jon, im from northern alberta canada. i to use royal purple engine oil in my daily driver, 2001 sunfire GT, i ALWAYS notice i big diference when i change my oil about every 4000 miles. They say you dont have to change your oil for 10000-20000 km’s with royal but i change it every 5000kms anyways and it makes it idle smoother and get better gas mialage, it even helps cool off the engine. Its definatle worth the 14$ a quart.

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