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May 17th, 2010 by admin

Helo Wheels & Toyo Proxes Tires

With the 2/5 drop I now had on my truck, it was time to look for some tires and wheels. The Ground Force truck I saw at our Truck & Jeep Fest show was running a set of 24″ wheels. I really didn’t want to go that big for a couple of reasons:

1. The tires and rims in that size would be way out of my budget.
2. I heard they ride pretty rough.

I drive this truck everyday so I really didn’t want to mess up the ride too much. I decided to call Ground Force to ask about tire and wheel recommendations. I mentioned to them that I wanted to fill up my wheel well as much as possible without rubbing. They recommended a 305x40x22 tire and a 22×8.5 wheel or 10 with at least a 5.5-6″ backspacing.

Once I got that information I started looking around for wheels that would look good on this truck. Everyone out there has black wheels on their trucks. Since my truck is red, I thought black would not make it stand out. Chrome would fit my truck a lot better since I have the chrome mesh grille in the front and also the front and rear factory chrome bumpers. With so many companies out there making wheels, I had a lot of options.

I decided to go with the Helo-830 22×9.5 wheels. They are easy to clean and look pretty cool too. As for the tires, I went with the Toyo Proxes ST. I have had nothing but good luck with these tires. They last a long time and ride really smoothly.

One thing I must mention about the wheels is to make sure you pick up a set of thin socket lugs. Your regular lug nuts will not work on these wheels at all. Pro Comp actually makes a really good set of lugs that come with their own socket and they also work as locks on your wheels. I’m very happy with the choice of tires and wheels I picked out. Thanks to the Ground Force staff, I was able to get the look I wanted for my truck.

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