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April 14th, 2010 by admin

One of the best (and arguably worst) things about working for 4 Wheel Parts is that you are immersed in an endless sea of trick truck parts and accessories. For me, this means that throughout the day, my attention wanders to a list I have compiled of parts and modifications for the F-250, separated into wants and needs.

The wants are mainly cosmetic and consist of:
• The Recon smoked tail lights & projector headlights
• An ASM black locking fuel door
Black billet door handles
• Two more HID lights
• A black billet grille/shell
• Powder coating to make the wheels black (I’m not a huge chrome fan and am removing it one part at a time)

As for the needs, I can’t wait to install the Dyantrac billet ball joints and free spin kit. Off Road Unlimited makes an awesome hydraulic steering system that lets you turn huge tires with one finger! A BD turbo is in the works too; I can’t wait for that to finally come out. I also need 4.56 gears and Detroit Trutracs.

Yes, that is my needs list, and I realize I am using the word “need” loosely. I’d choose form over function any day.

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